Five Green Footprints

1.70,000. Just a number? This is currently going viral. According to a new study at the University of Victoria, the average American ingests more than 70,000 microplastic particles a year. This should also be very much representative of the average Western or Central European person. The health effects are still unclear, but some of these … Continue reading Five Green Footprints

Five Green Footprints

It is already a week into "Plastic-free July" and posts on tips and ideas on how to do this are dominating the media. Here are a few of the top picks. 1.Greenpeace is currently drawing out a plan to protect our oceans: The Global Ocean Treaty. Apart from plastic pollution, oceans face their greatest threats by industrial … Continue reading Five Green Footprints

Plastic-free Supermarkets

It is just a little step but please show your support by signing this Greenpeace petition to urge supermarkets to ditch their plastic packaging. The quicker we get on with it the better! Thanks! We need to stop this:  

A tear and a smile – Sir David and the Plastic Ocean

Sir David Attenborough is always one of the best if not the best of ambassadors when it comes to giving nature's plea a human voice (how would we listen otherwise?) and in appealing to our sense of responsibility for the world we live in. In fact, living up to his knighthood, that is perhaps pretty … Continue reading A tear and a smile – Sir David and the Plastic Ocean